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Mission Statement

For young persons to learn the skills necessary to instruct, nurture and help develop young dancers in their pursuit of technique, self-esteem and FUN!

Program Description

Apprentices help the class flow by providing help to their assigned teacher. In time, the apprentice can progress to become a ‘teacher assistant’ (TA). The effect of ‘team-teaching’ will be that of a better student-to-teacher ratio and in the absence of the primary instructor, the teacher assistant will continue the class routine. Teacher assistants will be compensated by the hour. They will be required to document their hours on a monthly basis for reimbursement. If they cannot come to work as scheduled, they must inform the Academy director and arrange for a substitute assistant teacher to work with the primary instructor.


*Minimum age 12. *Apprentices are invited by the academy director to participate in the program. *Consideration for invitation include: skill level, commitment, and attitude. Level of participation in academy activities, leadership qualities, and dependability. *A signed agreement between EDA, the student and parents.

It is strongly impressed upon the apprentices that they represent our academy, its philosophy, and its reputation. But most importantly, is that the younger dancers are always watching them. They must role model in the most positive of ways at all times.


Long Term Benefits for Participating in the Program


The time spent in the Apprentice//TA Program will be invaluable to this young people as they move forward in higher education, careers and in life.

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